All milongas de la noche ,brunches and dinners will be hosted at Salone delle Feste.
The Salone delle Feste of Borghetto Santo Spirito is a large and popular dance club of the Riviera di Ponente.

It is’ located in the town center, adress Via Viglieri 7 ,the entrance to the old town just 100 meters from the promenade and the beach,

Renovations and adaptation to the new safety standards were carried out about 15 years ago and it currently has a capacity of 450 places of which over 300 are seated.
The Salone delle Feste is a local multi-purpose dedicated primarily to activities of dance and entertainment.
It has a dance floor of over 200 sqm with marble floor very comfortable for dancing.
It also has a large stage for any theatrical or musical performances .
The environment is warm and friendly.
The room is equipped with modern lighting and sound system ;it also has an efficient air conditioning system.
Salone delle Feste